While the world focuses on Rio, I’m focused on another Rio

While the world is focused on Rio, the Formula 1 folks are taking a break but NBC’s Leigh Diffey isn’t, he’s in rio calling the rowing competition. There’s another rio that isn’t taking a break either, that’s Rio Haryanto.

“It will be quite a busy summer break for me,” said Haryanto.

“We need to find some financial support from some sponsors.

“My management are currently working very hard, we’re going to have a few meetings over the next couple of weeks and hopefully there is good news coming out of it.

“I’m disappointed. It’s not easy as there is still a doubt as to what is going to happen in the future.

“I believe in my management and they are currently working hard to secure the seat for the whole season.”

Trying to find cash to secure his ride for the next grand prix in Belgium is going to be a hard task and we’re talking serious money here folks, not a few quid.

To be fair, I think Rio has acquitted himself well this season. He hasn’t been a blue-flag bane or taken top drivers out of the race. He’s even given his much-vaunted teammate, Pascal Werhlein, a run for his money a time or two.

It would be a shame to see Rio out of a ride as he is the first Indonesian driver in F1 and he’s done a good job of representing them. I like this young man quite a bit and would really like to see his career continue in F1.

If he doesn’t get the cash to continue the ride, I will be very interested to see what Manor does and who they select. Any ideas on what paying driver they may opt for? They had Rossi on tap but he’s in Indycar now.