Wolff: Hamilton to Ferrari rumors not ‘relevant’

If Lewis Hamilton has praised Ferrari in the past—beyond just admiring their operation, cars and dynamic (I’ve read those statements)—then I missed it completely. I’ve heard him be respectful of Ferrari but I’ve also heard him say that unlike other drivers, he’s never had that deep, longing desire to drive for them.

This weekend had rumors flying like Lewis’s pole lap at Silverstone. Sainz for sale, Palmer out and the bigger one was Hamilton to Ferrari, Vettel to Mercedes. Let’s all keep in mind that these are rumors only and I lend them the weight they deserve as rumors but they were enough for Mercedes boss, Toto Wolff, to address them and it did shed some light on a new praise from Lewis that I’ve not heard him say before.

“What he has said was that he is a Ferrari fan, like we all are, and that it is a team that every driver needs to drive in. Full stop.

“He’s in a very good place, he drives the fastest car at the moment, and that’s a Mercedes.

“We have a contract that goes for one and a half more years and we have the best dynamic in the team until now.

“All the talk outside has no relevance for me, zero.”

That’s an interesting take on the whole issue for sure and Toto stated the contract he had, that Lewis said every driver should drive for Ferrari and nobody in the team is saying these things. Not the robust defense one would expect but then again, they are just rumors, perhaps they don’t deserve a robust defense.

It would be an odd move for Lewis as Toto is right, he’s in the fastest car and winning titles. Then again, Toto did go to Sebastian’s birthday party and that was suggested as the catalyst that found Lewis vacationing instead of meeting fans in London.

It’s all the drama of Silly Season and part of the fun but time will tell.

Hat Tip: Autosport